Our sustainability journey

We are dedicated to changing for the better, and we want to inspire this change across the University and beyond. Learn more about our efforts by following the journey below.

The foundations

Our journey started with our climate emergency declaration, and the resulting White Paper Report, detailing 288 recommendations to transform the University into a leading climate conscious institution.

Our climate agenda

Our E&CE Team have been working hard to set the scene to achieve the targets outlined in the White Paper Report by producing a bespoke E&CE Policy. Students have played a major part in this process and are continuing to help us shape our climate agenda.

Our goals

The policy outlines our main environment and climate emergency goals which broadly focus on reducing our carbon emissions, protecting and enhancing the natural environment and becoming climate action leaders, sharing our expertise to progress together regionally, nationally and beyond.

Moving forward

Despite the huge amount of progress we have made so far, we are still in the early stages of our Environment and Climate Emergency journey. We have lots of exciting projects in progress, so stay tuned via our E&CE Newsletter to find out more.