What Can You Do?

1. Consider Your Personal Footprint


WWF carbon footprint calculator

It’s difficult to make change, but there are some simple adjustments we can all do which can make a BIG difference. Visit our website to find out more about the impact of you actions including what you eat, wear and buy. To understand more about your footprint why not find out the size of your footprint on the WWF footprint calculator.

Find out more about your carbon footprint below:

2. Making the Most of Learning Opportunities

Green Consultants

Green Consultants is an award winning programme designed to provide you with the additional skills and experience required to work in the highly competitive environmental and sustainability sector.

The Exeter Award

Use The Exeter Award to develop the skills and experiences you need to secure work in the highly competitive green sector. Keep an eye on our climate emergency website for opportunities to contribute towards achieving the award.

Future Learn Online Courses

Learn new skills, pursue your interests or advance your career with our University of Exeter short online courses in collaboration with Future Learn, including a variety of environmental focused sessions.

Find out about Career Development for sustainability on the Career Zone website.

3. Join a Society

There are a whole host of sustainability focused societies and events available to join on all of our campuses. Here are a few examples.

Visit their websites to find out more: Students' Union (Cornwall campuses) and Students' Guild (Exeter campuses).

Zero Waste Society

Aim to show you how easy it is to live a low impact life. This society partners with local businesses to bring members exclusive discounts and perks on zero waste items.


We want to teach students how to shop sustainably! Swap, repair and reclaim your clothes and style!

Sostena Theatre

We are a student led theatre company with sustainability at our core. We aim to allow students to creatively express themselves through all aspects of performance.

Vegan & Veggie Society

All about good people, good food, and positive activism. Run a range of events throughout the year including film screenings, discussions and community outreach.

Green Living

For nature lovers, green activists, foraging fanatics and all kinds of gardeners. If you want to learn how to live the green lifestyle and meet like-minded people, this is the society for you!

Penryn Produce

Student led veg-box scheme that’s rooting for local veg! They provide local, seasonal and minimally packaged produce every week during term time.

Be The Change

We campaign for sustainability both on and off campus, through project teams who work to tackle different environmental issues. We welcome anyone with an idea or passion for making change!

Additional Be The Change projects include:

Eco Action Alliance

We want to enhance communication and collaboration with other societies so we can work more effectively to bring the change needed.

Get in touch if you would like to be involved!

Exeter Vegshare

Fortnightly local and organic veg boxes available to students at low prices to promote easy access of packing free, lower-carbon food options.

Click here for more information.

Slow Food on Campus

We are part of the international Slow Food Campaign committed to encouraging the use of locally produced food and teaching how food waste can be prevented/reduced.

Vegetarian & Vegan Society

Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or even a meat eater who would love to cook more veggie food, Exeter Uni Vegetarian Society is a diverse, friendly space for anyone with an interest in all things veg.

Exeter Fashion Society

A society centered on creativity, sustainability and inclusivity. Highlighting the importance of reducing our carbon footprint, be it through consuming mindfully or up-cycling what we have.

Exeter Student Volunteers

We provide student led volunteering opportunities across Exeter. It doesn’t matter what your background or experience is, we will have an opportunity for you!