What our students say

"Apply the skills you have (whatever they may be!) to environmental issues, and you will find yourself providing a meaningful input to a meaningful cause."

Samir Dewan, MSc Policy Analytics

"Being involved gives you a sense of empowerment. Even in a small way, you can be proud that you are at least trying to do your bit and trying to better our planet."

Jasmine Berrill, BSc Physical Geography with Study Abroad

"I would suggest checking out the Access to Internships programme, this is a great way to get some hands on sustainability work experience!"

George Wade, BA Geography

"Climate action is a broad topic. To avoid feeling too overwhelmed, choose one area you’d like to become an expert in."

Catherine Lee Hing, MSc Conservation Science and Policy

"You never feel like you’re in this alone. Everyone I have met through environmental action has motivated me to keep on making a difference!"

Anya Courtenay, 4th Year BSc Geography

"Learning from the experiences and expertise of those around you is one of the best ways to educate yourself."

Becky Rowe, 2nd Year BSc Psychology