Why get involved?

Discover why you should get involved in university-wide, national and international initiatives.

Make new friends

There are a multitude of sustainably focused societies to get involved with. Whether that’s cooking healthy and locally sourced food with ‘Slow Food Society’, campaigning for sustainability with ‘Be The Change’ or even up-cycling fashion with the ‘Exeter Fashion Society’, you’ll meet new people and find like-minded friends just as passionate as you are!

Students on the Penryn Campus taking part in the climate change protest.

Help the world

Beyond these short-term benefits at university, being sustainable is an essential long-term habit to develop.

It’s never too late to start reducing your carbon footprint and working towards a cleaner future for everyone.

It’s cheap

It’s cheaper than you think to be sustainable.

  • Switching out meat for veg is an easy way to save money and you can support the community by buying veg locally.

  • Additionally, investing in reusable items such as coffee cups, makeup wipes and food containers means you’ll spend less and waste less in the long run. In fact, there’s now a 40p surcharge when buying a coffee on campus without a reusable cup at the University, and at other coffee shops too!

  • You can also save money by walking to campus rather than commuting, enjoying the fresh air as you go!

Earn prizes

By joining and using Green Rewards, you can earn points as you complete various sustainable actions, which can win you great prizes!

Aim high with the community leader board, and if you’re within the top four performing users of the month, you can win one of four x £20 vouchers for a variety of sustainable businesses.