The MSc Financial Analysis and Fund Management programme will enable you to develop the professional skills and subject expertise that will make you a valuable asset from day one of your career.

Your employability is a main priority for us, we therefore offer a range of excellent career support and partner with industry experts such as P1, Heartwood and Fidelity to provide additional activities to help you master your future, wherever in the world you choose to work.

Gain practical experience to set you apart

International study trip

to attend bespoke classes

and visit prestigious

finance companies

Put your knowledge

to the test during

extracurricular activities

Financial database

training courses delivered

by data specialists

I am very excited to start my position with Citi in London after graduation. I will be joining the financial institutions group which facilitates mergers and acquisitions and other corporate transactions in the financial services space. My studies at Exeter and the connections I have made during my time here helped me a great deal in securing this graduate role.
Florian, Germany

In addition to your studies, you have the opportunity to partake in a range of extra activities to enhance your employability:

International Study Trip

Your learning will not just be based in the classroom, during the summer months, the Business School organises a study trip to visit prestigious financial institutions where you receive bespoke tours and classes at our partner universities delivered by industry experts. Previous trips have included classes at:

The Bocconi School of Management – included workshops in Investment Management and a visit to a prestigious asset management organisation ZHAW School of Management – students learnt about the Swiss Private Banking structure and products and delved into Hedge Fund Strategies and Investment Policies.

The Business School Ethics Challenge

The Ethics Challenge offers students the opportunity to learn and practice ethical decision-making through the analysis and evaluation of a substantial real-life ethical case-study in which there is not a clear “right” and “wrong” path.

Shortlisted students are invited to present their conclusion to a panel of judges including members of the CFA® Ethics Committee, industry professionals and academics.

Other challenges students can be involved in include the Bloomberg Investment Ideas Challenge and the global CFA® Investment Research challenge

A highlight of the course has been the opportunity to partake in the Business School’s Ethics Challenge, which was judged by experts from the CFA® institute and Business School academics. This was a great opportunity to apply what I had learnt from my studies on ethics to analyse and present a case study. I am thrilled to have won the challenge and this is something different I can bring to interviews and add to my CV, in addition to my MSc. The challenge is open to all finance students at the university and I would highly recommence you take part, it is a great experience.
Nazeema, Kuwait

Database training

We also run a financial database training courses delivered by data specialists from leading financial data providers. Upon completion of the course you will be awarded the Bloomberg Market Concept (BMC) certificate and the Thomson Reuters Product certificate demonstrating your extensive practical experience and knowledge.

We also run a range of events to provide you with further practical experience of the financial industry including mock financial trading days when you will experience roles on both Buy-Side and Sell-Side to develop a practical understanding of the current structure and trends of the financial industry.

Employability support

To enhance the skills you develop throughout your studies, we offer dedicated careers support designed to help you enhance the skills needed to master applications, interviews and testing centres.

In addition to the services offered by the Business School Careers Team, your core module ‘Professional Developments and Standards’ will provide you with industry specific knowledge of professional conduct and ethics in addition to an overview of the roles you can look to progress into when you graduate.

Our employability support includes:

The careers support you receive doesn’t stop when you graduate, we can connect you with successful alumni in your chosen field through our Career Mentor Scheme to help develop your professional goals.