In an increasingly competitive business environment, it is now more important than ever to demonstrate a global outlook to potential employers.

Studying abroad gives you a great experience of international cultures, values and languages which will enhance your professional skills, personal mind-set and global network.

We are one of only two UK universities to be a member of QTEM, which gives you the opportunity to create a unique academic profile of high-level analytical techniques, work experience and significant international experience. You will spend an additional semester at one of our partner universities, followed by a quantitatively focused 200 hour internship.

You will also take part in the QTEM Data Challenge, which includes online Data Science and Digital Leadership courses, as well as a group project with a practical focus on real-life data analysis. After completion, you will be awarded a QTEM certificate in addition to your Exeter Masters.

Double Degree

Graduate with two Masters programmes in just two year. Spend your first year at Exeter and a second year at another world class international institution giving you the opportunity to expand your knowledge, and network even further.

My experience at Exeter and during my QTEM exchange has been invaluable to my career. I wanted to seek a role at an international company in the financial service industry and I now have two years’ international experience. I have improved my interpersonal skills by working with a variety of people from different cultures and backgrounds and have had the opportunity to further improve my financial and quantitative analysis skills in a practical setting.
Leyi, China Current role: Valuation Services Analyst, Duff & Phelps (China)