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It is now widely accepted that climate change is one of the biggest risks facing the earth, and that urgent action is needed to forestall and mitigate existing environmental damage.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change* (IPCC), limiting global warming will now require ‘rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society’.

Climate action can take many forms, from the choices of the individual to the policies of governments, from innovations in science and technology, to revolutions in economic models.

The BSc Business degree has been developed with this in mind. Drawing from the Business School’s environmental credentials, the BSc Business programme is for anyone determined to influence responsible business action and shape the new sustainable economic opportunities of the future.

The BSc Business programme will develop your sustainable, future focused business acumen, equipping you with the knowledge and experiences to stand out in today’s competitive international graduate job market. Underpinned by an ethos of ethics and sustainability, and incorporating extensive work placements, the programme addresses the challenges of growing business in an interconnected, climate changing world.

You will develop a portfolio of knowledge allowing you to pursue careers in a wide range of sectors including marketing, management, consultancy and social enterprise. Innovative optional modules in your second and final years allow you to further broaden your knowledge, or specialise in areas you are passionate about, meaning you can develop a unique degree.

Take advantage of the opportunity to extend your degree by one year by undertaking a year in industry or a year abroad in your third year, before returning to the business school to complete your final year of study.

We are tremendously excited by the BSc Business degree and its role in developing global business leaders of tomorrow. You will benefit from exciting and relevant embedded work placements in each year which accelerate your business knowledge, and you will gain insights into sustainable, ethical and innovation-driven business. We truly believe this degree is paving the way for the future of business.

Dr Constantine Manolchev, BSc Business Programme Director

Year 1 Modules
(120 credits)*

  • Business and Society
  • Business Practice and Analysis
  • Operations Management: A Sustainable Perspective
  • Marketing in a Digital Age
  • Economics for Managers
  • Accounting
  • Theory and Practice of Management
  • Understanding Work and Organisations

Year 2 Modules
(120 credits)*

Core modules

  • Sustainable Enterprise Economy
  • Project Management
  • Business Practice (Placement/Work Experience project)
  • Strategic Concepts for Business
  • Research for Enquiry
  • Finance for Business

Optional modules (30 credits)

(modules in italics are

Business School modules)

  • Social Enterprise Management
  • Legal Foundations for Business
  • Workplace Wellbeing
  • Digital Technologies and the Future of Work
  • Introduction to Ecological Consultancy
  • Oceans and Human Health
  • Living with Environmental Change
  • Geographical Information Science and Systems
  • Rural Social Issues
  • Environmental Regulation and Redress

Optional Year Abroad or Industrial Placement Year

Final Year Modules
(120 credits)*

Core modules

  • Social and Technological Innovation
  • Practice-Based Consultancy Management
  • Globalisation and Internationalisation
  • Local-Global Innovation: (Cornwall Research Seminar Series)
  • Future-Facing Dissertation/Project – 30 credits

Optional modules

(modules in italics are

Business School modules)

  • Business and Climate Change
  • Crisis; Change and Creativity in Organisations
  • Business Field Trip
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Frontiers in Global Health
  • Evolution of Human Societies
  • Climate Change and Society
  • Whole Energy Systems

120 credits must be completed each year. To see a list of optional modules please click here.

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In order to equip you with the skills necessary to succeed in a competitive and evolving business environment, you will undertake a number of core modules each year covering the fundamentals of business. You will also be able to select from optional specialist modules allowing you to choose those that most interest you.

In your first year you will undertake a placement with a third sector employer. In your second year, you have the opportunity to practice your developing skills through a placement with local, regional and international companies. In your second and third year you will be able to add two further specialist modules exclusive to the BSc Business programme to create a customised degree, which, along with your individual dissertation and practice-based consultancy project, will equip you with specialist knowledge of key future-focused issues that will prove invaluable in the world of work.

Please be aware that modules can change, please check here for the latest available modules.

It’s very difficult to choose my favourite module as the quality of lectures are the best I have ever experienced. I’m torn between Economics for Managers and Business and Society. The course content for Economics is hard, but once you wrap your head around it you can really see how economics is part of life. The lecturers are also really good at explaining and taking time to ensure you understand.