2019 Open Days are taking place on Saturday 21 September
and Wednesday 23 October 2019.

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The world is changing rapidly and issues such as climate change, sustainability and environmental impact are becoming driving influences
in all areas of business.

Dedicated to tackling some of the world’s greatest social and economic challenges, the triple accredited University of Exeter Business School was designated a ‘Pioneer University’ by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation*, and in 2018 launched the Centre for Circular Economy. The Centre works with business and governments on a global scale to disrupt conventional thinking and identify viable circular economy opportunities – a sustainable economic model where products and production processes are designed in such a way that all components are recoverable and re-usable, all but eliminating waste.

We are committed to embedding this ethos into your learning, alongside industry leading business education and careers support, preparing you to succeed in a complex, hyper-connected and sustainable future.

Read on to find out more about: our flagship ethical business programme the BSc Business degree, the careers support that has helped 100% of our Business and Management students enter graduate level work or postgraduate education within 6 months of studying*, and hear from current students themselves.

* A climate conscious charitable organisation seeking to drive the transition to a sustainable, circular economy. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation ‘Pioneer University’ programme is an international network of eight leading universities developing pioneering circular economy oriented research or teaching programmes.

The BSc Business degree and all the extracurricular support it offers enabled me to secure a Human Resources Graduate Programme role with JP Morgan; a leading global financial services firm.